My journey to a healthier me began after living the typical high stress lifestyle of a young twenty-something, juggling a full time school and work schedule in college, with little to no time left for proper nutrition and self care. But unlike most typical twenty somethings, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease that disrupts nerve communication, at the age of 23. When the initial shock of the diagnosis wore off, I took a step back and realized that even though I could not have full control over my MS, there were certain contributing factors such as diet and stress that I did have control of, and a new world opened up. 

I learned so much almost immediately upon researching my condition, but one of the hardest lessons was not letting myself be defined by a disease. This was one of the most difficult and important lessons I have taken with me since I began this crazy, wonderful journey into wellness. With that important foundation in place, I stepped into research mode and began to learn as much as possible about the relationship of diet and health. Since then, I have been using this knowledge to help others regain control over their nutrition and lifestyle by offering coaching and meal prep services. 

The results have been humbling. Helping people learn to find harmony in a healthy lifestyle has been the most rewarding experience. Teaching others something I have learned--that food is not the enemy and again, that disease does not define you--helps bring purpose to what could otherwise have become just a diagnosis.