Are you listening?

Do you listen? Like, really listen? I mean to yourself, your thoughts and what your body is telling you? Do you take the time to let you body heal and care for it?

Every time I take a yoga class at the studio by my apartment, the instructor asks of to set an intention for the class. Something that's meaningful to ourselves. Lately, I've been actively listening to what my body is telling me more and more. So the other day, I chose my intention to be to listen more to myself and what my body needs from me.  The signs and symptoms I experience on a daily basis for what may be off or even right. 

Personally, I do feel as though I have more issues than most. Surprisingly, they don't really have anything to do with my MS. My body just likes to have an issue on a regular basis. From digestive distress (something I am working on harder than ever) to cold sores to UTI's. Can it just let up already? I'm getting kind of sick of being sick!

But, on a daily basis, I make sure I listen. I listen to the fact that my body needs rest, good/healthy fuel, exercise, brain stimulation and meditation. And ya know what, I am so thankful I can understand what she's saying to me. I'm thankful I pay attention and show my self love and appreciation and respect.

I am grateful for the body I have no matter what is wrong with her every day. <3

With Thanksgiving rolling around the corner, I have been thinking about this more and more. I feel as though people take their health for granted more times than not. They think their bodies are super heroes that are just going to magically heal themselves. While the human body is a miracle in and of itself, WE are meant to pay attention to its ailments and figure out a way to take care of it.

So I have an exercise for you to do. Don't worry, this one if not going to require any sweating!  One for your mind that will effect your body in a positive way. Each morning you wake up, list 3 things that you are grateful for. It can be anything you want. Just make sure that every morning, you make it 3 different things so you will start to realize how amazing you are! Say these things out loud, in a journal, or share them via text. 

This will help you for when it Thanksgiving comes, you'll show yourself so much love it won't know what to do! You can send a comment below with the list as well. I'd be thrilled to read what you have to say!

Sending my love,