Body Love ;)

Life is too short to not love your body!


Sure there are days when my body just does not do what its supposed to and it definitely freaks me out...big time! As you all know, I have MS. I am in a constant fear that when something is wrong, it's related to that disease. And I feel like something is always wrong (I'm not a me).  But, then I remember that I am human and having digestive issues is "normal" and that getting sick happens to the best of us.  I have to remember that this is just my body and I need to give it acceptance and love all at the same time while it's not being perfect.

There are so many reasons to love your body. So many reason to be thankful every single day that you are here and can do everything in your power to be happy.  What makes you different is soooo totally what makes you beautiful. ;) You have that control! It's up to you to make your life more than just about being sick or not the weight you'd like to be. 

Food is one of the best ways to show yourself some I right? I mean, it's definitely the way to my heart! No doubt about that. The need to eat is the one thing every single person has in common. What you eat is the only thing you can actually control. I eat way more than people would think. I also exercise often because I know how much it benefits my body and makes me feel awesome! I do NOT exercise just so I can eat what I want. Everyday, I am very careful about what I consume. Having an autoimmune disease does not make me have free reign in the food department. Quite the opposite, actually. I am totally ok with having dietary restrictions. They don't bother me. I know they bother my friends and other people but (like I mentioned in my last post) it's not up to other people to make me feel my best day in and day out. Loving my body, my digestive system, my sleep patterns and my exercise routines has changed my life!

The standards of beauty that are out there are created by people that probably don't even look like that! And who cares if you have dimples on your thighs or rolls on your stomach when you sit down. You are made up of muscle and fat and we all have different proportions. It doesn't make you any more/less of a person if you have more/less than someone else. It just makes you YOU! So lets give yourself a break already and try smiling when you look in the mirror?! Think about the qualities you like about yourself and strive to be a better person. It'll make the world a way more fun place to be :)

5 ways to accept yourself and give your body love:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others: If there's one thing you learn as you grow up it's that everyone has a different body for different reasons. We are all unique and we all have special qualities, shapes, sizes and amounts of cellulite. We have to accept our differences to love ourselves. One of the best ways to do this is also by deleting the instagram accounts that are not providing positive messages to you.

  2. You are not defined by your health issues: Having a sickness or health problems does not define you.  I am not my MS!!! It is just something I have to live with. I couldn't be more thankful this happened in the first place. It completely changed the way I treat and think of myself. One thing that helps is that if you look at someone who is sick, they don't always look sick. One in every two Americans have a chronic illness. Everyone is fighting something. #selflove ;)

  3. Be mindful: Self compassion--This is something I tell you guys all the time and it impacts so many areas of your life.  In regards to your body, pay attention to the areas that need more attention. Instead of cursing your gut for being constipated, why not try sending it some love and being nice to it. Maybe give it a massage in a clock wise position or ask me how to find relief naturally. It keeps you alive and is just doing it's job.

  4. Pay attention to you plate: Caring about what you put on your plate at every meal isn't for anyone but yourself. What you eat directly impacts how you feel physically every day. Each plate should consist of green veggies (fiber), protein, and raw fat (PFF). 

  5. Me time: Exercise is not always about losing weight. I do it to build muscle because I want to be able to do push ups and have strength as I get older. Finding some way to sweat that you enjoy becomes more of a hobby that you do for yourself. It's a time of the day that is "me time." Everyday, take some time for yourself to improve how you body functions and handles stress (running, strength training, yoga, meditation). You will start to look forward to feeling good!


It's hard. Life can be a challenge. Having health issues definitely sucks! But, we are in this together and you are not alone in the battle you are facing. I am interested in putting together a group program. Please reply yes if you are interested :)


In good health,



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