Spring Equinox!


Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Now that we've gotten so close to the warmer weather and sunny days, despite the new snow that piled up yesterday here in NYC, I think we can all agree we have the same feeling...time to make some changes!

What does the season of Spring mean to you?! For me, it's cleaning house. Every spring, my mom would open the doors and all of the windows and let fresh air in and we would clean everything. Granted this happened whether it was spring or not but it helped that it was sunny and you could feel the new air coming in and making the whole house feel more fresh!  This is something I still do to this day!

Now I know the new year (NYE) is the time to make resolutions and goals so...that means that Spring is the time to make sure you are implementing these positive mindsets you've been talking about for 3 months! I've got some ideas to throw at you that I think will make this Spring even more enjoyable. 


5 Ways to 'Spring Clean' Your Health:


1) Throw it out: Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom, your cupboards, your fridge and even your life! Look around you and take inventory of the things you need in your day to day life. Do you really think you're going to wear that dress that doesn't fit anymore? One of my mottos is to "live minimally."

2) Make a list: Write out your goals, shopping lists, to-do's. Getting organized in your mind helps you do more with your time and if you have a list when you shop then you will be less likely to buy needless stuff/food.

3) Keep Track: Recording the foods your consume and how they make you feel will make a huge impact in your life! It will help you see if there is a food you are sensitive to. If you are going through digestive issues, like most people and my clients are, I highly suggest you start doing this asap. Email me for a copy of the journal I send to my clients to utilize.

4) Commit to Something: One thing I read a long time ago that has resonated with me in every single area of my life is "there is freedom in commitment." I hope this helps you to make a commitment to your health that will only help you in the long run!

5) Start Your Day: I know tons of people who don't even know how to get their day started. They ask questions like; "Do i eat breakfast?" "Do I fast?" "What should I be eating in the first place?" My suggestion is to try one thing at a time. If you want to try fasting, I can help you do that. If you want to just drink a cup of coffee, then I have suggestions on how to make that coffee amazing! If you want to eat eggs everyday (that's me) then I can help you make sure they are the healthiest eggs you can eat!

Just start your day. Get it going. Make that list. Throw away that muffin and eat a piece of fruit. Commit to your day because this day will never be here again and we are all here to help one another live our best lives <3

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