Empowering your health!


We all try to make our lives balanced...figuring out how to fit it all in, right? Gotta be on this diet and work out this much and still have a social life and be able to drink on the weekends.  My problem with the diet culture and social media is that it makes you think that if you don't eat a certain food group then you'll lose the weight and FINALLY feel like yourself again. But whatever happened to healing yourself first?!

I think we tend to forget that things like weight and digestive issues didn't just show up one day like a bad zit on your cheek. It's a gradual process and is an effect of your daily life that eventually just ended up looking like you missed out on something big. The damage may be done, but it doesn't mean it's not something that can’t be fixed. My philosophy is that you can always find healing.  And 'healing' in whatever form that means to you. I feel that empowering yourself is the best ‘medicine’ in this day and age!

Trust me in that I still struggle with what to eat and how much and how often. I’ve made it my job to think about this stuff because my lack of care in the past lead me down a path to illness and I do not want that to continue.  I trust in myself to make choices every day that impact me on a healthy level. Don’t you all just want to feel good all the time?!

Recently I did an event with Sweaty Betty in TriBeCa and it was a panel of women talking about wellness and what that means to each of us. And ya know what, each of us had a different answer. We are all unique to what defines who we are. Deep down you know who you are and what you need to feel like your best self and heal, but social media and society impacted that and made you second guess your choices! I try everyday to not feel bad for not eating gluten and to stop worrying about people judging me for my lifestyle choices. It ain’t easy, but once you own who you are, things kinda just fall into place. I just remember that I am doing this for me and I feel empowered to be myself!

5 ways to empower your healing journey:

  1. Make a list of what makes you feel your best. It can be listening to your fav music or podcast, reading a book, cooking, going for a run or knitting. Literally whatever floats your boat (can also be boating)!

  2. Do things that feel natural. Stop the guilt that the wellness industry puts on you! You are doing enough. If something becomes stressful and you feel guilty about needing to go to yoga, then that just detracts from the point of the wellness action.

  3. Eat what you want. In this case, I mean eat what makes you feel good. Stop and pay attention to your plate and how each food makes you feel. If you’re out with friends and they are eating pizza and you don’t want it, then don’t. Remember that you have a choice in everything you put in your mouth.

  4. Say NO to things that make you feel low self-worth. If it doesn’t make you feel good, it will negatively impact your health. It can cause stress which manifests in your body and mind. This may have been my biggest lesson this year.

  5. Find your 'tribe’ and be yourself. Hang out with people who get who you are! We all have gifts that someone else is looking to add to their life. <3

Love who you are because someone out there sure does!



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