Self Love Summer <3


"Don't forget fall in love with yourself first!"

- Carrie Bradshaw

Summer time is one of the busiest times of the year for people. I can see why! Traveling all the time and weekends in the Hamptons - if you live near nyc.  

I feel like the only thing people want to focus on is how to have less responsibilities and less to-do lists. With the sunny weather and option for beach days, I find myself unmotivated to do much work let alone commit to my workout schedule.  Cooking has definitely been fine-tuned to salads and one-pot dishes to avoid being in a hot kitchen!

But what about your self-care rituals that you've been practicing all year long? Do they go out the window too? Do you just skip the workouts while on vacation and out drinking with friends while watching the sunset on the beach? Uh...yes!!! And it's ok to do so!!! I feel like people have this guilt around what they "have to do" and what they actually "want to do" to feel like themselves. It seems with our wellness oriented world that we live in, people don't feel like they are doing enough or they are made to feel guilty if they don't take yoga.

My advice to every single person...find what works for you. I know I have said this repeatedly and I want to make sure you understand that whatever self-care things you do for YOU is enough. You are enough! Self-love and feeling happy with your choices is the only thing that matters when it comes to what movement and lifestyle you're doing today.  You have to remember to love yourself and forgive yourself in order for your mind to catch up with your actions.

If you are out every weekend and only work out once a week in the summer so be it. Listen to your body. Don't feel obligated to try the keto diet or not eat breakfast because everyone you know if doing intermittent fasting.  Listen, I have an autoimmune disease so the guilt I feel for eating gluten sometimes is all on me. No one else.

5 Ways to Create Self-Love:

  1. Follow your heart: Listen to your hearts desires. Or as I like to say...listen to what your gut is telling you.  Do what makes you feel alive and at peace at the same time! If that's going to yoga or lifting weights than great. How you feel about yourself during and afterwards matters most.  Find what speaks to you heart <3.
  2. Gratefulness: Something I think works best for people to help them realize how amazing they are is to write down 3-5 things they are grateful for every morning.  Wake up and think about all that you have! It will totally change your whole day...I promise!
  3. Journal: This is an amazing way to find the voice within yourself. Writing helps you understand yourself better and helps to process all that we are thinking about every single day. I know certain days have more going on than others so writing it all down or typing it out in a document creates a space that you can open up. 
  4. Meditation: Something I have begun to absolutely love because there is nothing more important than being present. Especially when it comes to spending time with friends and loved ones. We all spend a ton of time on our phones trying to "connect" when we are in the presence of others, but the ironic thing is that we are already doing so when we spend time with people. Creating peace within you will help you connect more authentically.
  5. Stop comparing yourself: To anyone!!!! I mean it! You are doing enough. Please remember that whatever your goals are, is does not matter how long it takes for you to get there.  This is your life and you can be at whatever stage at whatever age you are. We are all beginners at one point or another. Figure out how to be yourself because authenticity is amazing! 


Life is short and you gotta do you!

I love myself every day as best I can!


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