8 steps toward building a relaxing life that works for YOU! 


Today, it is dangerously easy to find yourself overwhelmed with daily tasks, work and obligations. When your daily life is jam packed, how can you find the time to work out, let alone spend some quality time alone?! Time constraints are even greater when you factor in commuting to work. How can you make time to take a yoga class when you’re only just arriving home from work at eight? 

I fear that people feel guilty or a little bit of "fomo" if they spend an evening in or a weekend not with their friends. It's totally understandable! Wanting to be a part of things and included whether we actually want to go or not is human nature...lol.  I am definitely like that! But...I also gain so much from spending time alone. In order to avoid getting bored and to make the most use of my “me time,” I prioritize this list of things that make me feel my best every day, or at least every week if things are hectic. 

Something I highly suggest that everyone does is to take a minimum of one hour to yourself a day. That might sound hard, so it’s alright to start small and work up to that hour goal.  When was the last time you spent time with your own thoughts?


  1. Phone detox: Try it! Try turning your phone off or at least on silent. I feel like we (me included) constantly need to see if we have a new message and that we need to be available at all times.  I mean, my mom will call 3 times and send a mass text to my entire family if I don't reply before 11am!  But ya know what, no one is going to cry if you take your time replying (so long as its not important). Less screen time is the goal people! Lets try it out together and let me know how you feel afterwards.
  2. Do some yoga: This is something you can do in your living room and the best part about it is that it teaches you to be present in your own body, meaning the benefits extend far past the actual time spent. 
  3. Party of one?: Does anyone take themselves on dates alone? No? Just me? Ok, well I am a New Yorker so it's not that weird to do this here and I actually love it. Treating myself to a great meal and a movie alone is such an amazing feeling. If it's not for you, no worries! 
  4. Read: This is the best way to get out of your own head and focus on something enjoyable!  I have a stack of books next to my bed that I read as much as I can. Having fiction and non fiction keeps me interested on a consistent basis. Find a subject you enjoy! I highly suggest reading physical books as they feel more satisfying when finished :).
  5. Write: Get it out of your head!!! I tell my clients this all the time, find time to express yourself to yourself! No one else ever has to read it. You can even burn/shred it.  But, get those worries and fears out of your head so you can think of something that is more helpful to your mind and spirit. Writing three pages of free flow every morning has the effect of clearing your mind out before the day starts so you can better focus on the immediate tasks at hand. 
  6. Get a massage: Caring for our bodies both mentally and physically is essential.  Massages are an amazing way to release tension built up in your muscles and to take an actual break. The benefits of human touch alone are incredible and adding in the relaxation quality brings that extra burst of something amazing!!!
  7. Take a bath: This is the ultimate "alone time" way to relax. You can't really bring technology into the bath (well I hope not) so you definitely get a chance to unplug and take a breath.  Baths are known to calm nerves and help improve sleep, moods and can help skin conditions!
  8. Cook: One of my favorite ways to relax! I know cooking generally isn't seen as a calm activity, but for me it's my creative outlet and it allows me to focus on one thing.  I love to get in a zone and just enjoy the slightly meditative quality involved in the prep work. Plus I can let my mind create whatever it wants.  The results are the best part! I always feel so productive afterwards.

Bringing these practices into your life are a great start for anyone looking to optimize self care time. You don’t have to do the same eight things as I do! We all have our beautiful minds meant to create incredible lives for ourselves. Step back from the worry and fomo and start building a life that works for YOU! 

Self Love Summer <3

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