Daily check-ins


This time of the year, we are mostly focused on our physical health, but what about our mental health too?! We tend to focus on how we are feeling when something goes wrong. If we feel unwell or unhappy, that’s the moment we start to take action. One of the main reasons for this whole ‘wellness’ world we’ve become so enveloped in is that we take action now instead of later as a way of being prepared for the future.

4 things you can do everyday

to check in with yourself:

  1. Make a list (mental or written) of what your goals/resolutions are and checking to see if your actions are working towards the end result. It may only be February, but everything you want is attainable!

  2. Pay attention to how you feel emotionally. Are you giving yourself enough space and rest? Are you spending enough time with friends and people that are uplifting?!

  3. Think about your eating and drinking habits. I know, for me, during the winter I tend to eat more because I am less active so therefore am bored more often. I think about what I am craving and why and try to make healthy swaps.

  4. If you actually are sick (hey it happens to everyone) then please see this as a time your body needs rest. Take it easy and give yourself some love <3

If you need anymore suggestions, please send me a message. I love hearing from you guys!



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