How to get the most out of your resolutions!


I figured you are all committing to your New Years resolutions at this point, right? Why is it that somehow a new year is always shocking to us?! Like we didn’t see this coming and we have to scramble to get fit and be healthy in the time of the year when we should be relaxing more and working inward.

If you know me, you’d know I like to plan. I definitely write resolutions, but I do that all year long. The turn of the new year is an incentive to start fresh with a new goal, but why not just keep going with the goals you are already in the midst of? Thats what I end up doing. Sure, there are a few things I add on once January hits. I like to get a handle on what I am working towards and make sure I am heading in the right direction. Making the right changes, ya know?

My goals tend to be the same every year::

1) Make healthy choices food wise and people wise

2) Stay consistent with my workouts…so many benefits.

3) Keep working towards being an entrepreneur.

4) Travel.

Now I usually give you several things to do, but I know you are already jam packed with your to-do list at this moment so I just want you to do one thing for me…well it’s really for you (as it should be).

One thing that will have the most impact on your goals:

1) I want you all to take a look at what you’ve written down for your resolutions/goals for this new year. Now, think about your why. Why do you want this particular thing/achievement? Get really honest with yourself. Be open. No one is judging you, especially not yourself. Keep asking “why” until you get to the core of the reason behind something. Make sure that you are being true to yourself.

*Use a pen and paper. Writing it down truly helps your mind commit to what you’re thinking.

I love cheering people on so please share them with me if you’d like!

Happy New Year!!!



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