Learning about yourself


Lately I have been thinking all about why things happen. Not necessarily to me, but what am I supposed to be learning from this life.

Where can I improve?

Where can I grow?

If we keep making the same choices and doing the same things, then are we really learning from ourselves? Life is all about becoming who we truly are and not being afraid to be that person. Easier said than done for some people! The wellness world creates a bubble for you to feel comfortable doing so. I think we all created this industry because we were crying out and we all needed some sort of help to feel our best. The best part though, is that we get to do this ‘work’ with like minded individuals. Whether you like yoga or cross fit, you’ve probably found some friends you truly get you and love it too, am I right? I know I have and I am so thankful!

So in the midst of all this learning that we do, day in and day out, we are growing together. It’s a safe space. It can be icky and weird and really f-ing challenging, but we are doing it.

I wanted to remind you today that no matter what you are going through, there are people out there that are going through it too. With social media and all the chaos it brings, it truly connects us to one another more than ever before. I know I can always find someone to talk to when I need it.

Life is a tricky b*tch, but if we can figure out how to do it together, then I think we will be alright.

Sending my love and full support to all of you!



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