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As end of the summer nears, we are starting to think about September and what changes come with a new month. We will also be changing seasons in about 4 weeks. I know, crazy right? Summer definitely isn’t long enough, but I am always ready for the change in weather. Growing up on LI, I love fall weather (yes to sweaters!!!) and couldn’t be more excited for what this time of year brings.

For me, September always brought this sense of clarity and what I was looking forward to in the next year. It feels more like the beginning of a new year than does NYE because the start of the school year was like everything when you’re growing up. I loved school and the structure that it brought to my life in addition to seeing friends and always having fun things going on.

There are so many ways to prepare ahead of time for these kinds of changes, but let’s be honest, we are all going to scramble since the end of the year is jam packed. Not much else is more important right now besides getting in some last few days at the beach, a summer vacation or for some people just relaxing. I do tend to like to plan ahead even if that plan doesn’t happen. Knowing where and when I need to be doing something helps me enjoy the present moment that much more!

So gearing up for the next month is sometimes as far ahead as we can go. Some of you are planning for school in September and some just preparing to get back into the groove of work. Either way, things like meal prep and your workout schedule are what I want you to start thinking about. If you’ve taken a mini hiatus for the summer, don’t fret because getting back on track is super easy! As long as you’re clear about your goals and what you are able to do to get there, getting back on track is totally doable.

5 ways to get back on track this September

  1. Schedule it. Use your calendar for all it has to offer. With technology these days, it’s hard to miss something if you put it in your phone. Even better if you set alerts. Just remember, even if it’s in your calendar, it’s not set in stone. Plan things around when you feel like doing something. Take a yoga class when you feel called to do that. If you don’t have time to cook and ordering in is the only option, then do what feels right. Forcing yourself has the opposite effect.

  2. Bring your friends. Meal prep and workout with friends! If I have plans with someone to eat or workout, I am most likely going to show up. Granted they are two of my favorite activities, but I like to show up for my friends because it’s really about showing up for myself.

  3. Use an app. There are so many apps out there to order groceries, journal about your food intake, and workout. I use Nike Training Club app for my workouts. There’s also FitBody app, ClassPass, MindBody, Centr, and plenty of yoga apps.

  4. Journal. Get clear about what you’re working on, towards and how things have effected you. Holding onto stuck emotions can prevent you from moving ahead or working through emotional blocks. If you need more guidance here, please let me know. I have plenty of resources for this.

  5. Clean house. As Maria Kondo says “if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.” This applies to every area of your life. Getting organized in your personal space and mental space can have profound effects on helping you be true to who you are. Surround yourself with things and people who inspire you to feel your best at all times!



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