8 ways to reduce stress everyday


By learning to be mindful you can decrease stress levels,

feel happier and focus on what’s really important.

Why do we deal with stress?! It seems like sometimes it controls our lives and we can’t seem to get away from how negatively it affects us. Stress is usually caused by how we react to situations than the situation itself. But, stress gets a bad rap for the most part and maybe it shouldn’t? Yes, I know, I’m an optimist and I must be crazy to think like this, but hear me out. The reason stress activates in your body is a ‘fight or flight’ reaction to something in your life. It’s a ‘red flag’ that your very intuitive mind and body see as a sign for ‘help.‘ Now doesn’t that seem like a good thing that your body is trying to warn you? No you’re not running from a bear so ideally your mind and body should know not to create pain in your back (for example), but your body is trying to handle whatever you throw at it (pun intended). It doesn’t know the difference between running from a bear and dealing with a shitty boss who yells at you. You mind and body are just trying to keep you safe and secure to survive. So in this day and age, we need tactics to handle stress from our everyday lives that our bodies perceive as bad.

8 ways to reduce stress everyday

  1. Eat well. Giving your body the nutrients it needs to have its defences up and running is a gift you can give your body everyday. Stress does affect the food choices we make sometimes, but it’s important to know the difference of why you’re craving sugar and french fries and not something that will help you stay healthy.

  2. Take a break. Get outside and get a coffee or go walk anywhere for a few minutes. Doing something that’s not sitting and stewing about whatever is stressful will help you clear your mind, gain some perspective and get out of stress mode.

  3. Meditate. We all tune into ourselves in our own ways. Meditation one way that is extremely helpful in getting your mind and body to relax and reduce stress. It trains your brain to be present and focused so that when something stress related comes about, it can adjust how you’re going to react to it.

  4. Journal. Let it out. Keeping stress living in your body can create a multitude of issues so get it out of your thoughts and onto paper. Writing with a pen and paper is known to be more effective than typing, but I do feel that in regards to getting your thoughts out whatever works for you is what is effective.

  5. Workout. Exercise builds endorphins which improves your mood. I don’t know about you, but I feel f’cking amazing after I workout so it automatically puts me in a good mood. Doing something good for yourself is never a bad choice and doing it on the regular can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  6. Talk to a friend. It is immensely helpful to have a group of people that you can relate to that make you feel like yourself and help build you up when you don’t feel 100%. Support and community is a part of every culture for a reason. People need people. Dogs help too ;)

  7. Take action. Take what is stressful in your life and figure out how to action to make changes for the better!

  8. Sex. The act in and of itself is a huge stress reducer! Sex helps is maintain healthy hormones and build estrogen (if you’re a woman), makes us feel connected and also just pure fun! If you have to do it alone, go for it!!!

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