Self Love Summer <3


"Don't forget fall in love with yourself first!"

- Carrie Bradshaw

Summer time is one of the busiest times of the year for people. I can see why! Traveling all the time and weekends in the Hamptons - if you live near nyc.  

I feel like the only thing people want to focus on is how to have less responsibilities and less to-do lists. With the sunny weather and option for beach days, I find myself unmotivated to do much work let alone commit to my workout schedule.  Cooking has definitely been fine-tuned to salads and one-pot dishes to avoid being in a hot kitchen!

But what about your self-care rituals that you've been practicing all year long? Do they go out the window too? Do you just skip the workouts while on vacation and out drinking with friends while watching the sunset on the beach? Uh...yes!!! And it's ok to do so!!! I feel like people have this guilt around what they "have to do" and what they actually "want to do" to feel like themselves. It seems with our wellness oriented world that we live in, people don't feel like they are doing enough or they are made to feel guilty if they don't take yoga.

My advice to every single person...find what works for you. I know I have said this repeatedly and I want to make sure you understand that whatever self-care things you do for YOU is enough. You are enough! Self-love and feeling happy with your choices is the only thing that matters when it comes to what movement and lifestyle you're doing today.  You have to remember to love yourself and forgive yourself in order for your mind to catch up with your actions.

If you are out every weekend and only work out once a week in the summer so be it. Listen to your body. Don't feel obligated to try the keto diet or not eat breakfast because everyone you know if doing intermittent fasting.  Listen, I have an autoimmune disease so the guilt I feel for eating gluten sometimes is all on me. No one else.

5 Ways to Create Self-Love:

  1. Follow your heart: Listen to your hearts desires. Or as I like to say...listen to what your gut is telling you.  Do what makes you feel alive and at peace at the same time! If that's going to yoga or lifting weights than great. How you feel about yourself during and afterwards matters most.  Find what speaks to you heart <3.
  2. Gratefulness: Something I think works best for people to help them realize how amazing they are is to write down 3-5 things they are grateful for every morning.  Wake up and think about all that you have! It will totally change your whole day...I promise!
  3. Journal: This is an amazing way to find the voice within yourself. Writing helps you understand yourself better and helps to process all that we are thinking about every single day. I know certain days have more going on than others so writing it all down or typing it out in a document creates a space that you can open up. 
  4. Meditation: Something I have begun to absolutely love because there is nothing more important than being present. Especially when it comes to spending time with friends and loved ones. We all spend a ton of time on our phones trying to "connect" when we are in the presence of others, but the ironic thing is that we are already doing so when we spend time with people. Creating peace within you will help you connect more authentically.
  5. Stop comparing yourself: To anyone!!!! I mean it! You are doing enough. Please remember that whatever your goals are, is does not matter how long it takes for you to get there.  This is your life and you can be at whatever stage at whatever age you are. We are all beginners at one point or another. Figure out how to be yourself because authenticity is amazing! 


Life is short and you gotta do you!

I love myself every day as best I can!


How to Optimize Digestion

TodayI want you to think aboutall that you areinsteadof all that you are not-3.png

We are all in this together! We all have issues. With our digestion I mean.  Either we talk about them and get to the bottom of the issue or we suppress it and it becomes a "norm" for you. What is your "norm" these days?! Don't worry! It's not a bad thing. The best thing you can do for yourself is pay attention to what's going on and fix anything that seems wrong. 

My "norm" changes for me. I've been experiencing digestive issues for as long as I can remember. Honestly, until I was diagnosed with MS I never gave my digestion a second thought. Whether I had a bowel movement that day or not was not something I payed attention to. Boy is today different! I don't see it as a stressor in my life to think about this stuff, but if something is off, I try to get to the bottom of it and pay attention to where my body needs attention.

Your gut is your second brain. What we eat gives our cells the knowledge it needs to keep our bodies functioning at its best. So why not make your digestion the best it can be? Healing your gut is the best thing you can do for yourself to prevent disease. Your digestive tract and gut impact every single function in your body from how well you sleep, handle stress and even your weight. Do your best to pay attention to any changes good or bad. Here's some advice to make the most of your amazing body. ;)

5 Ways to Optimize Digestion:

  1. Slow down: As Americans, we are known for 'grabbing' a bite, fast food and even eating 'on the go.' These are actually the complete opposite actions that our bodies need to thrive from the foods we are shoveling into our mouths. I want you to ask yourself, "Is this food nourishing me or just sustaining me?" Eating on the go creates an environment of stress on your digestion.  It's putting you into 'fight or flight' mode instead of 'rest and relaxation' that you need to process what you just ate. Taking your time eating is one of the best things you can do for your entire body! Also, take a seat and relax!
  2. Stop and smell: Did you know that digestion actually starts with your eyes?! Have you ever put more on your plate than you can eat because you thought you were that hungry? It happens to all of us. We use our senses to make choices for what we want to consume. So next time you are cooking a meal at home or being served at a restaurant, take a few seconds to smell the food in front of you. Think about the flavors you are about to enjoy and appreciate the food for how it makes you feel. :)
  3. Get help: Many of us have digestive issues. Depending on what's going on with you (bloating, constipation, SIBO, leaky gut) you could use help (I def do!). Digestive distress can cause a lack of enzymes which help you break down your food to gain its nutrients.  One of the best ways to do so is to incorporate digestive enzymes. They come in the form of pills or liquid bitters that you take before a meal to increase enzyme production. 
  4. Chew: Chew, chew, chew your food!!! It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is even full. Also, the particle size of your food effects the bio-accessibility of the energy of it, so the more you chew the less is lost and the more nutrients you will gain from your food. My recommendation is to chew eat bite of food until it becomes mush or liquid. Put your fork and knife down in between each bite. Take the time to taste your food.
  5. Hydrate: You are drinking the right amount of water every day and keeping track so you stay properly hydrated. But...did you know that drinking too much liquid while eating can actually diminish the necessary enzymes needed to break down your food? Keep chugging that filtered water all day/everyday and before you eat but during mealtime, try to limit liquids to a total of 8 ounces (water or whatever else you're drinking).  

Next steps?! Keep a food journal. Write down what you're eating and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Track your water intake and sleep. Start listening to your body. You only have one and it should be here to help you feel your best!

Comment or send me a message and let me know how it's going for you! I want to know :)


How to be healthy on a budget

This whole leading a wellness lifestyle can be tricky. One day you're learning about protein powders and the next you're hearing that being vegan is the way to go if you want to be healthy. So what's the right info?? Well that's my job. I am here to help you navigate what and how to fit all of this fun and healthy stuff into your lifestyle. Wellness doesn't have to be crazy and overwhelming. That's actually the direct opposite effect that us in the industry are trying to do here! We want to help you. Not confuse you. 

IMG_1621.JPG an effort to help you in the best way I can, here are tips to help you lead a healthy lifestyle on a budget. Because I know we can't all afford to keep trying out the next new thing whenever it pops up! I may be leading a super healthy life these days, but I keep myself in check when spending. There are things worth splurging on for sure. We all have them no matter what we buy. Life ain't cheap, especially in NYC!

5 Ways to Be Healthy On A Budget:

1) Workout for free (or on the cheap):  There are tons of apps out there to help you get into shape. My favorite app is by Nike and these workouts kick my ass! They have plans you can make for weeks at a time, yoga, strength and endurance workouts. They also have a running app that keeps track for you! No, this is not a sponsored post, I just love it! You can also go to Yoga for The People or find a community class at a local studio, which is donation based. Running outside and getting that Vitamin D is still one of my all time fav workouts this time of year!!! It's free and you can bring a buddy to the park to do it ;)

2) Have likeminded friends: When you surround yourself with people that have similar hobbies and ways of living, it's easier to stick to a budget when planning things. Staying in, ya know "the new going out," won't seem lame with someone that enjoys doing that along with you. I love to cook and try new recipes on friends so I have people who come over and taste test for me and hang out!

3) Shop local: In regards to foods, shopping at farmers markets is way healthier because the foods haven't traveled very far and they are fresher and last longer. Generally, the portion sizes at markets are quite large and if you go at the end of the day, you can bargain with them for cheaper prices. #shoplocal 

4) Make a list: I can't stress this enough, but staying organized with what you need prior to shopping will help you spend less $$ overall. You will only buy what you need if you can keep track. I either write it down or create a list in 'notes' and cross the item out once I have it. 

5) Cook more to eat out less: Plan ahead and meal prep! Find time throughout your week to cook things in bulk. Things like making soups or rice dishes ahead of time will help you spend less $ during your lunch hour. I like to know what's in my food. This has helped me keep track of how certain foods make me feel, improve my digestion and save $! 

One thing I do splurge on is supplements. Quality is super important when taking a supplement! Its like organic and non organic meat. You don't want to buy something that has extra fillers in it. Message me for more info. 

Living a healthy life doesn't have to mean breaking the bank.  There are always ways to choose the best option for you. Listen to your mind and body and don't stress ;)

You got this!!!








Spring Equinox!


Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Now that we've gotten so close to the warmer weather and sunny days, despite the new snow that piled up yesterday here in NYC, I think we can all agree we have the same feeling...time to make some changes!

What does the season of Spring mean to you?! For me, it's cleaning house. Every spring, my mom would open the doors and all of the windows and let fresh air in and we would clean everything. Granted this happened whether it was spring or not but it helped that it was sunny and you could feel the new air coming in and making the whole house feel more fresh!  This is something I still do to this day!

Now I know the new year (NYE) is the time to make resolutions and goals so...that means that Spring is the time to make sure you are implementing these positive mindsets you've been talking about for 3 months! I've got some ideas to throw at you that I think will make this Spring even more enjoyable. 


5 Ways to 'Spring Clean' Your Health:


1) Throw it out: Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom, your cupboards, your fridge and even your life! Look around you and take inventory of the things you need in your day to day life. Do you really think you're going to wear that dress that doesn't fit anymore? One of my mottos is to "live minimally."

2) Make a list: Write out your goals, shopping lists, to-do's. Getting organized in your mind helps you do more with your time and if you have a list when you shop then you will be less likely to buy needless stuff/food.

3) Keep Track: Recording the foods your consume and how they make you feel will make a huge impact in your life! It will help you see if there is a food you are sensitive to. If you are going through digestive issues, like most people and my clients are, I highly suggest you start doing this asap. Email me for a copy of the journal I send to my clients to utilize.

4) Commit to Something: One thing I read a long time ago that has resonated with me in every single area of my life is "there is freedom in commitment." I hope this helps you to make a commitment to your health that will only help you in the long run!

5) Start Your Day: I know tons of people who don't even know how to get their day started. They ask questions like; "Do i eat breakfast?" "Do I fast?" "What should I be eating in the first place?" My suggestion is to try one thing at a time. If you want to try fasting, I can help you do that. If you want to just drink a cup of coffee, then I have suggestions on how to make that coffee amazing! If you want to eat eggs everyday (that's me) then I can help you make sure they are the healthiest eggs you can eat!

Just start your day. Get it going. Make that list. Throw away that muffin and eat a piece of fruit. Commit to your day because this day will never be here again and we are all here to help one another live our best lives <3

In health,


Summer isn’t over just because it’s Labor Day!


Happy September Everyone! I do not want summer to end, but the promise of a new season is so exciting! This month is always a starting point in our calendar years. We are so used to starting grade school or college. Some people travel in the beginning part of the fall. A lot of people move at this time. The summer is still here even though it’s starting to feel like fall and we have a ton of hot days ahead to enjoy getting Vitamin D!

I just moved to another part of Brooklyn and couldn't be happier! Beginning my September in a new place makes me feel fresh and rejuvenated. I threw out a bunch of old stuff and clothes that don't fit anymore and moved on! It feels like a spring cleaning.

And that’s essentially what I want you to do! I am going to call it a ‘Fall Refresh.’  

Since we are heading into a new season (September 21st), take some time (before we all get so busy) and pay attention to what you are eating and how it’s making you feel. Do you notice a difference after you eat dairy/gluten or drink too much? I know I do! I still get surprised when my body reacts certain ways to things and I know it has a lot to do with whatever I ate/did earlier in the day or even how I am feeling emotionally. I know this change for me has been a positive one because I have been feeling amazing these days. Getting so much sleep and enjoying a new environment has had a huge impact on my wellbeing. 

My suggestion is to give things a try and explore.  Go to the farmers markets and pick out a vegetable you haven't eaten before. My mom just reminded me about how much I love beet salad. I completely forgot about it! It’s so easy to make and it’s so damn good for you with all that iron and fiber.

What do you like to cook? Do you food prep at all? I tend to make things that taste better cold or are super easy to reheat. If you didn't know already, I am paleo.  That means I don’t eat grains, legumes, dairy and barely any sugar. There are more restrictions based on what you're looking to do, but that’s hard enough for me at the moment.  I will slowly add in organ meat. Restrictions are tough. Having an autoimmune disease is difficult! Food sensitivities/allergies suck! But, I know what is best for me and this way of eating makes me feel incredible!

Reply with ideas that you have or things you are wanting to try and I will create some easy recipes for you guys.

In love and health,


10 Ways to Do a Sugar DETOX!!!!

We are all guilty of it. It's something we think we have under control, but it creeps in at work, at parties and in your morning coffee. I'm talking about SUGAR!

It comes in many different forms; fructose (fruits, root veggies, cane sugar and honey), glucose (naturally occurs in fruits and plant juices) and sucrose (table sugar).  Sucrose is the bad stuff you want to stay away from. The added sugar in our diets gives you no benefit and can negatively impact our health (causing inflammation). You should consume no more than 20g of added sugar per day (not including the 2-3 servings of fruit you should be eating as part of a healthy diet).

Focus on cutting out the bad stuff. Candy, fruit filled yogurt, bottles smoothies and juices, white bread, boxed cereal, granola, that creamer you put in your coffee, and any form of 'fake' sugar (equal/sweet 'n low). These 'foods' do not help you or your gut on a daily basis and can only lead to health issues if consumed too often.

Here are 10 ways to start cutting added SUGAR out of your diet:

1) Stick to the real stuff. I mean food that grows from the earth. Eat foods that you can buy at a farmers market. Stop buying anything packaged!!!

2) Cook at home. Making your own food is the best way to know what you're putting in your body and to better understand how certain things make you feel. You'll save more $ by cooking more at home. Put together a food prep day with your family and make it fun!

3) Read the label! Trust me. I've said this before and I'll say it again, if you don't know what is in the packaged 'food' product you're about to eat, your body won't know either. Digestion starts with your eyes. Pay attention to what your consume. 

4) Try to get 20g or less of added sugar a day.  One teaspoon = 4 grams of sugar. Think about this when you make your morning coffee or tea.

5) Staying hydrated with water helps keep you full for longer and flushes things out of your system. Aim for 8 or more glasses of water a day. Even more if you are active.

6) Stay active! Sweating helps your body get rid of toxins and burn extra calories.

7) Encourage a friend or family member to cut down on sugar with you! Having someone to challenge you will make you more responsible.

8) Sleep! Make it a priority. Sleeping helps your body rest and recover so that you have enough energy for the day ahead. This will be especially helpful when your energy lulls (usually in the afternoon) and you want to snack or binge.

9) Savor it! If you do have dessert, stick to 3 bites. Take your time when you eat something sweet. Remember we call them 'treats' for a reason.

10) Keep a healthy snack on hand. This will help you curb your desire for those cookies in the office. Try having some nuts or an apple. 

This will only make you healthier and happier =)



5 Ways to Move Forward!

With the new year is upon us we all like to think ahead and get excited about planning what's next. Like taking a trip or maybe you're getting married. There are always big life events that make each year an event in and of itself. But what about the little things?! Like those goals that keep coming back every year and keep reminding us that we need to make this one particular change.

Every year, 81% of New Year's resolutions fail. How sad is that?!? 

I mean come on, we are all adults here (or I'd like to think we are). We can do this! We can put away the cookies and fit in a work out today. And most f-ing days for that matter. If it means enough to you, you'll make time for it. You know this to be so true so don't lie to yourself anymore!

Trust me that I am not where I thought I'd be going into 2017. I am in a better place but there are changes that I really want to stick this time around. I began looking in all of the areas of my life where I have not been succeeding. Why am I not leading the life that I want? I should be the epitome of wellness but I continue to let myself down. I have decided to take more responsibility for my overall well-being in this coming year. I am the only one who can make myself truly happy. But hey, I am not one to get offended if my friend slaps a cookie out of my hand because I'd do the same to her! Spend time with friends and loved ones that will be supportive of what you need. 

Trust yourself that you can make these changes once and for all!!!!

Here are 5 ways to reach your goals this coming year:

1) Think about what it is you truly want

Sit down with a pen and paper and consider what matters most to you present day. Set your intentions with the New Moon before the end of 2016. As the moon becomes full, your power of commitment grows as well.

2) Give yourself time

Stop thinking of a whole calendar year as the timeline for your goals. When you think of each task you've completed in your life, it didn't all happen within 365 days. Give yourself appropriate time frames. I suggest starting with monthly goals. It takes 21 days to change a habit so 30 days is enough time to commit to any change.

*Consider doing Whole30 with me!!! =)

3) Be confident!

Believe in yourself first of all! Be honest about your limitations and be open to the unexpected. Things are never what they seem at first. You will most likely surprise yourself in the end! ;)

4) See it!

Make a vision board! Put together ideas and things you see happening for yourself. Look at it everyday. See mine on instagram. It changes from time to time but it's a constant reminder that I believe in my work and the love I have for my life.

5) Manifest it!

Write it all down. Re-write it and read it when you feel like inspiring yourself. Remember why you wanted this thing so badly in the first place. 

With love and health,