5 goal setting tricks that work!

Everyday you wake up, you check your phone and emails, see what you missed while sleeping (a necessary thing everyone should be working on every night). And what pops into your head? Everything you need/want to do for the day/week and sometimes month.  How do you prioritize? How do you get everything organized and done and feel productive at the same time?

Here are 5 tricks to make you get sh*t done:

  1. Make A List: Lists of any kind help you stay organized and keep track of your thoughts. A 'To Do' list comes in handy when you're trying to juggle a million things, like we all do...I know I do! For me, writing it down makes it more real and more likely to come to fruition. Seeing it on paper (even on my iCal) makes me more accountable. It sets a reminder for me to rethink why I may be doing something in particular. 
  2. Check things off: Goals can have many steps involved to finally reach the end result. Be realistic in what needs to be done. Set reminders and make yourself accountable. 
  3. Be a perfectionist: In your own way, make sure whatever you do, you do it to the best of your ability. That way, each time you complete a goal, you'll know it was worth it!
  4. Be positive: Always, always, always be kind to yourself! Set positive intentions every day for yourself and what you're working towards. Positive = healthy. People don't cheer at games for nothing. Be your own cheerleader! You can do it =)
  5. Give yourself time: Everything thats worth doing takes effort. Things take time and understand that goals make take longer than expected but don't give up on what you really want.

You are the force behind each and every goal you set, whether small or big. Be aware of your choices everyday. Don't hold back your dreams and desires to get what you want!!! 

Everything is up to you! And I know you can do it too =)






Vacation & Stress

How many of you take vacations? What does it mean to you? Where have you gone that has changed your life?

Me, I try to take vacations but life gets in the way and well $ is always an issue because I'm trying to make strides in other areas of my life and feel like vacation of something that is a reward. Someone once told me that "the only difference between you and someone else is your experiences." What a profound and positive way to look at the world and each other! No one is better than the other. We all have different experiences that make us who we are.

I just got back from Greece. We (my bf and I) went for a wedding and it was purely magical. Being on a tropical island (even though I grew up on LI and the beach) changes you. What I learned from this vacation is what I add to my personal experiences in life and it has changed me for the better! I now see why people travel all the time. Not only did I learn about myself and the cultures, I let myself be fully present.  

The lack of stress I had made me realize a lot about what I think is "normal" for me back home. As you can guess, I have my own health issues that I deal with outside of helping you with yours.  The most profound lesson I realized while being away is my stress levels have been messing with my gut health. Yes, yes I know, how did I not know this already?! I did. To an extent. What I'm trying to explain is that until you remove yourself and really look at your current situation, you may not truly understand what the underlying causes of your health issues are. I would not have figured out that I need to learn more ways to destress in order to feel my best.

*Some tools that I will use to manage my stress better are:

Vision boards
Writing down what is causing me stress and addressing it

What tools do you use to manage your stress? What has vacation taught you that has made you who you are?

In love & wellness,


Working out

Hi there! How does everyone spend there busy days? Do you fit in a workout? Is it a priority for you? How often do you workout?

I ask because it's very important to take care of yourself. Working out, whatever form you so desire, is a way to show love to your body and mind. It should bring joy to your life and a smile to your face when you've completed that #fbg or #bbg f-ing hard workout! 

I feel immensely stronger and proud of myself for commiting to something that only improves my wellbeing. 

One of my most important mantras in life is to love yourself. Whether you're not where you want to be or sh*t is just going down and nothing is going right, you yourself are important enough to take care of yourself. Enlist your loved ones and friends to help show you. Get a workout buddy to make your goals more achievable!  

One summer, while working out sporadically with my best friend, I lost a lot of weight without even realizing it. And ya know what, it's because I was having fun doing it.

Find something you love to do and do it for the love of yourself. Be kind to your body.

Wellness starts with you 😘